In order to improve its support for the export of artists from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, WBM will present a monthly Spotify playlist including fresh music from Wallonia and Brussels-based artists to foreign professionnals from Germany, France and soon The Netherlands. This playlist will be curated by various Belgian ambassadors working within the music industry. Enjoy !

Our curators choices for this month:

Fred Fournes and Quentin Velghe are respectively director and head of programming at Le Brass, the Cultural Center and the House of Cultures from Forest, a place where alternative music concerts, shows, exhibitions, workshops but also friendly and civic meetings are programmed every year.

Rrita Jashari is the music programmer at VK Concerts. She’s also a resident DJ at Kiosk Radio and one of the founders of Brussels-based 54KOLAKTIV and 54 Sound, Jamaican style handcrafted soundsystems.

Coline Cornelis is a young Brussels-based artist who works as a production manager for PassaPorta, an international literature house. In addition to her illustrative skills, she also officiates as a DJ.

Souria Cheurfi is the editor in chief of Vice Belgium and the founder of Psst Mlle, pluridisciplinary events promoting female artists. She specialises in culture, women’s and LGBTQ rights, and music.

Nicolas Bucci is the programmator for Listen Festival, a Brussels-wide celebration of music and diversity, bringing together some of the most talented artists from Belgium and abroad. He’s also a DJ under the moniker Boochie.

Jacques Prouvost is a blogger and journalist. He’s the man behind Jazzques, a jazz-oriented website filled with news, reviews and interviews.



Each month brings a new selection of tracks. Tracks from previous months are being added to a playlist called “archives“.


Cécile Barraud de Lagerie is a textile designer and painter from Brussels.

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© Jean Van Cottom