In order to improve its support for the export of artists from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, WBM will present a monthly Spotify playlist including fresh music from Wallonia and Brussels-based artists to foreign professionnals from Germany, France and soon The Netherlands. This playlist will be curated by various Belgian ambassadors working within the music industry. Enjoy !

Our curators choices for this month:

Jeff Lemaire is the founder of Goûte Mes Disques, a Brussels-based musical webzine which covers a vast musical spectrum every month through various articles and reviews.

Bénédicte Deprez is a radio host and a television presenter. She is also a DJ in her spare time.

Olivier Vanhalst is in charge of programming at Botanique, a cultural spot located in the heart of Brussels.

Beside working at Point Culture as a media librarian and cultural mediator, Eve Decampo is also a member of Poxcat, a Brussels-based DJ collective that commissions mixes and throws parties.

Céline Magain is the co-director of the Brussels-based Festival FrancoFaune. Around 50 concerts are organised in more than 20 venues during this event whose main goal is to bring together French music heavyweights with young emerging talents.

Samy Wallens is a multi-instrumentalist who plays various type of music like jazz, pop, world. He’s a member of Commander Spoon or Oyster Node. Samy is also one of the instigators of Niveau4_Official, a large scale hip-hop show presented each year at Couleur Café.



Each month brings a new selection of tracks. Tracks from previous months are being added to a playlist called “archives“.


Cécile Barraud de Lagerie is a textile designer and painter from Brussels.

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Annabel Lee
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