Discover our brand new “Insider’s Tips” selection: a Spotify playlist including fresh music from Wallonia and Brussels-based artists, sent monthly to foreign professionals from Germany and France. The playlist is curated by various Belgian ambassadors working within the music industry. Enjoy!

Our curators choices for this month:

François Custers is head of programming and graphist at  Atelier 210, a multidisciplinary performance hall located in Brussels. He’s also a musician under the moniker Guilt.

Since she picked up her headphones again, Rokia Bamba‘s star is rising quickly in Brussels and Paris. She has been a radio maker since the age of 12, then a presenter for the Brussels diaspora Radio Campus show “Sous l’Arbre à Palabres”. Rokia Bamba also works as a composer of artistic sound pieces.

Laurent Hoebrechts is a journalist and coordinator for the music pages of the cultural magazine Focus Vif.

Margaux Bernard is communication officer at Court Circuit, an association of operators, broadcasters and concerts organizers, working to professionalize modern music in Brussels and Wallonia.

Sébastien Desprez is PR & Project Manager for Five Oh, a musical PR and creative agency that represents artists in Belgium and abroad. He is also a DJ under the moniker Bon Public.

Alexandra Vassen is the creator and programmer of the RTBF show “Sacré français !” which presents all the trends of the French-speaking music scene since 1997.



Each month brings a new selection of tracks. Tracks from previous months are being added to a playlist called “archives“.


Roberta Miss (@rob_miss) aka +nurse+ is a visual artist and DJ, she lives and works in Brussels. Her work combines textile, printed image and sound. She is also co-founder of the Poxcat collective which works for the visibility of women in music, by organizing parties and radio programs.

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DC Salas
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