SEPTEMBER 19th – 21st 2018



[Jazz / Electronic]
Thursday 20th
9:35 PM

A drummer and a pianist – that is all you need to form a contemporary jazz duo. Anyway, Martin Grégoire and Antoine Flipo understand all emotions that music enables. Plus, they breathtakingly cross genres in jazz, classical, electro and rock. A melodic and rhythmic revelation that, because it remains instrumental, opens up space for associations.

Simply “Deux” is the title of the current EP. The duo from the Belgien Tournai created six gentle, melodious songs that could easily adorn a movie’s closing credits. The fast-paced “Shadow’s Faces”, for example, is infatuated with piano runs reminiscent of Yann Tiersen. “Tribal Coffee” could end every thriller movie. The two musicians do not conceal influences by modern jazz musicians like Gogo Penguin or Mouse On The Keys. Instead they create something very special out of it. Their sounds are often lyrical and melancholic, but always dynamic.

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Lomboy is indeed from Belgium, but the ears are close to musical styles from all around the world. A female voice of sweet transcendence rises above elegantly softened electronics. The rhythms might be picked from an Indian Bazaar. The flute chorus from a South East Asian beach café. The beat’s right from the dark Parisian cave grounds. What a mix!

The EP « Warped Caress“ (Cracki Records) delivers a handful of likeable sultry songs. « Loverboy“, its superb single, sounds like the universal love song. But singer Tanja Frinta is indeed a real cosmopolitan. Born in Austria, she has lived so far in Sweden, Spain, Belgium and now Paris. She had been tuning her voice by VCR Tapes, her music is glanced with Japanese samples. The result is admittedly pretty groovy and sensuous, but it is also about statements of female power.

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[Pop, R’n’B/Soul]
Thursday 20th
10:00 PM
Bahnhof Pauli

Gently flowing r’n’b, deeply relaxed and simply outrageously easy. Moli sounds like she’s at home in the US, the metropolis of the genre. But she’s originally from Belgium, with British roots, and now she lives in Berlin. So far, the just 19-year-old has often played along with others such as Fabich. But in the meantime she has also released a handful of her own singles.

Her summer hit “Did not Mean to“ is about her tiresome dating experiences. The interchangeability and arbitrariness of digitally-conceived relationships – and the often rude behavior under the protection of the virtual world. Moli has negotiated the topic of love also incredibly cool in “The Point in Loving You“, a rather thoughtful track. Moli, inspired by the hipster metropolis Berlin, is currently working on her first EP, but her laid-back groove and her distinctive voice should not be missed live.

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Julien Fournier (director – Rock/Pop/Hip-Hop/Electro) will be there. Get in touch with him!