MIL 2020

MARCH 25 > 27, 2020

Professionals from Wallonia & Brussels

5 selected professionals from Wallonia and Brussels who unfortunately won’t be there this year due to the festival cancellation.

Artists from Wallonia & Brussels

This year’s edition of MIL which was supposed to take place in Lisbon (Portugal).from March 26th to 28th has been cancelled because of Covid-19 outbreak.


[Hip-Hop / Electronic]

Immersed in electronic fields, Glauque wanders
between anger and love,
between quiet and loud,
between questions and certitudes.

Here, where filth is beautiful, words and sounds collide while feelings keep coming, unleashed. Then the silence… a fragile intimacy plunges us back into the reassuring tenderness of those who seek to convince themselves.

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[Jazz / Soul / Indie]

Saudade offers an exciting mix of Soul, Pop and Indie Rock, and don’t hesitate to borrow from Electro and Jazz. The Brussels formation was born when Junior Bokele returned to Belgium after three years in England. Rocked by the Londonian scene, it is in Antwerp that he meets with bassist Nathan Van Brande later joined by keyboard player Brice Ninck to reach the band’s final form.

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If you missed the “Influenceur” tidal wave, the first ascendant vierge title, we invite you to find out right away. With more than 1 million plays, “Influenceur” made its way between the turntables of the best current djs (Anetha, Vtss, Sentimental Rave, Randomer …) and the playlists of millennials. The perfect combination of Gabber / hardstyle and pop / lyrical vocals, ascendant vierge is the apotheosis of the past 5 years of mixing and musical research. Paul Seul, the co-founder of the CasuaL Gabberz collective which is becoming the leader of the young French electro scene, and the singer Mathilde Fernandez, who stood out with her projects halfway between performance, l total art and 90s pop have created a subtle mix, surely the most exciting thing in today’s pop landscape.

Their second title “Faire & Redo” confirms the test and the clip to come is awaited by all. With an EP and a single on the Nadsat compilation which comes out at Because Music and which brings together the most exciting artists of the Parisian electro scene, vierge ascendant has a bright future ahead of it.

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