MIL 2019

MARCH 27 > 29, 2019

Artists from Wallonia & Brussels

Belgium is part of MIL for the third time!

From March 27th to 29th, the next edition of MIL, one of the newest event on a human scale, will take place in Lisbon (Portugal). Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques is a partner of the festival for the third time and supports artists from the Wallonia and Brussels through promotion, networking and visibility actions.

Professionals from Wallonia & Brussels

Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques is represented by Julien Fournier and Olivier Leidgens. They will be there featuring professionals from Wallonia and Brussels :

Boris Engels (Rock System)
Audrey Di Troia (Full Colorz Agency)
RASQUIN Sofia (Bloom Hill)
Yoann Janssens (Culte Agency)

Meet them at our drink featuring Québec Creates at LOUNGE AREA on Thursday 17H30 – 18H30.



From Portugal to Brussels, passing through Antwerp, Blu Samu (24) already lived several lives. Somewhere in between poet and urban samurai, Blu Samu tells her story through an intuitive mix of hip hop and soul, using her hoarse voice to express her love of words. She moved in with her friends from Le 77 in Brussels, and in them and Zwangere Guy, she found a real crew, a family. She quickly became the new sensation of the Belgian scene.

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Catalan multi-instrumentalist, Marc Melià (known for his work with Lonely Drifter Karen – Crammed Discs) takes simple ingredients: a Prophet 08 synthesizer, his voice filtered through a vocoder, and a limited palette of effects, to create electronic soundscapes and songs that evoke a sonic area between the minimalism and the cinematic music. Marc Melià breaks the electronic music rules: what you see is what you hear. There are no prerecorded sequences or beats, each song is crafted by hand at every concert.

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An ultimate reference to the mythical “2001: A Space Odyssey”, Monolithe Noir (Black Monolith) is an electro music project by Franco-Brussels artist Antoine Pasqualini, who has now transcended his pop and post-rock roots (formerly Arch Woodmann). A self-taught musician, it is through the exploration of the unpredictability and vivacity of the sound of the modular synthesizer that he has now oriented his research, deploying the aesthetic envelop of his project and affirming his particularity.

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Julien Fournier (director – Rock/Pop/Hip-Hop/Electro) and Olivier Leidgens will be there. Get in touch with them!