Belgium at MIL Lisboa 2018




Many of the best and most innovative musicians are those who produce radical synthesis of sounds and cultures from across continents – but there are few who do it with such deftness, lightness of touch and infectious enthusiasm as Témé Tan. The wanderlust-stricken artist, born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and raised between Kinshasha and Belgium, draws from his upbringing and travels to Brazil, Japan, Andalucía and more to create a mesh that is both ultra modern and shot through with a deep respect for older traditions and identities.

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Le Motel is the beatmaker everyone is talking about in Belgium. Fabien Lecercq gives a strong and distinct musical color to the artists with whom he works. In his CV there’s countless collaborations, namely with Brainfeeder (The Flying Lotus) and Roméo Elvis. In 2016, he was invited by TAR, a Los Angeles-based label, to release “Ripples”. This year he’s releasing two collaborative albums: BODIE, with Veence Hanao and MORALE 2LUXE with Roméo Elvis.

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Brussels new uprising talent, playing oriental kraut for one’s psychedelic brain. At the crossroads of Middle Eastern, North-African and Mediterranean musical traditions and psychedelic rock, Phoenician Drive is a six piece band born in Brussels’ cultural maelstrom. The band is composed of very different musical backgrounds, making drums and fuzzy guitars meet with oud percussions. Phoenician Drive searches the hypnotic trance based on distorted oriental grooves from the 70’s vibes.

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