ESNS 2021

JANUARY 13th – 16th 2021



ESNS is the key exchange and networking platform for European music, with a proven track record for helping new and upcoming acts break into the international music scene. Selling out each year, ESNS attracts over 4000 delegates, including representatives of more than 400 international festivals.

WBM has been involved with ESNS through the years, to support artists and professionals from Wallonia and Brussels, and also by organizing professional drinks with Belgium Booms during the event as networking sessions for the professionals. This year, the event will be held online due to the pandemic.



Wednesday 13.01
21h10-21h25 (ESNS 01)

David Numwami is a young Belgian multi-talented singer-songwriter and producer, who has in recent years, been a touring musician with Charlotte Gainsbourg, Nicolas Godin (AIR) and Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains. He has also written for many international artists, remixed Ricky Hollywood and worked closely with Belgian locals Témé Tan and Tin Fingers. Skilfully slaloming between pop music and experimentation, David is slowly stepping into the destiny of his God given name Numwami, which literally means: “This is the King David.

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Friday 15.01
21h30 – 21h45 (ESNS 03)

The Murenzi brothers have definitely made a name for themselves in 2020, in spite of everything that has been going on around them. From playing MaMA, The Great Escape’s First Fifty, Les Bars En Trans, Le Printemps de Bourges to headlining their first European tour, the YellowStraps from Belgium project a shimmering global sound with a unique blend of soul, jazz, electronic music and hip hop.

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Friday 15.01
20h45 -20h50 (ESNS 01)

Marie-Pierra was born in Congo and grew up in Rwanda, where she took refuge in education, music and writing. At 15 she moved to Namur where she realised that her most cherished ambition is to be a singer, but her parents did not support that goal. Little by little she becomes Lous and leaves for Brussels, where publisher Mickaël Fernandez discovers her online. Upcoming debut Gore is the image of her life. Sad, but with the imperative to smile. The highly anticipated debut album is out October 2020 on Columbia/Sony.

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Friday 15.01
22h25 – 22h40 (ESNS 04)

Under The Reefs Orchestra is an instrumental power trio from Brussels that blurs the lines between jazz and alternative rock. Inspired as much by French chamber music of the 19th century as by Jim O’Rourke or Moondog, the Belgian group’s hypnotic music unleashes a cosmic energy and leads the listener to a trance among underwater volcanos. Think of obsessive, biting riffs and mists of asymmetrical sonic cycles.

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Julien Fournier (director) and Alex Tabankia (Rock/Pop/Hip-Hop/Electro) manage this action. Get in touch with them!