ESNS 2020

JANUARY 15th – 18th 2020



8 Belgian bands will be at ESNS 2019. WBM will be there with 5 professionals from Wallonia & Brussels:
– Yannick Tönnes (JauneOrange ASBL)
– Audrey Di Troia (Full Colorz Agency)
– Lætitia Van Hove (Five Oh)
– Pierre Verweyen (Back in The Dayz)
– Rutger De Brabander (Nada booking)


Belgium Booms (Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques, Poppunt & Sabam For Culture) team up again to support a ton of upcoming Belgian acts. Join us for our network moment with Belgian craft beers on Thursday at 16:30 at ‘t Feithhuis. This year we also team up with FACTORY 92 for the occasion!

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WED 15 Jan
Huize Maas, Front
21:30 – 22:15

Where alternative rock, shamanic psychedelia and vocal virtuosity meet. Combine Royal Blood, Massive Attack, Janis Joplin, Queens Of The Stone Age and Anouk, and Black Mirrors is what you’ll get. The Brussels foursome has the attitude, the fiery rock, the hypnotic melodies and the grooves to pull this off. Point proven by winning the award for best artist in ‘Rock & Alternative 2018’.

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THU 16 Jan
Simplon, Main
23:45 – 00:30

Immersed in electronic fields, Glauque wanders between anger and love, quiet and loud, between questions and certitudes. Here, where filth is beautiful, words and sounds collide while feelings keep coming. Unleashed as raw hip hop meets crafty electro in the dazzling world of the talented Belgian. Then silence… a fragile intimacy plunges us back into reassuring tenderness.

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THU 16 Jan
Huize Maas, Main
20:45 – 21:30

Marie-Pierra was born in Congo and grew up in Rwanda, where she took refuge in school, music and writing. At 15 she moved to Namur and her most cherished wish is to be a singer, but her parents do not support that. Little by little she becomes Lous and leaves for Brussels. One day publisher Mickaël Fernandez discovers her online. She is 22 and finally fulfills her dream. Upcoming debut Gore is the image of her life. Sad. With the imperative to smile.

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WED 15 Jan
20:00 – 20:45

Blanche, aka Ellie Delvaux, is a 19-year-old Belgian singer, whose first single ‘City Lights’ propelled her straight to the top of the European charts in 2017. Blanche’s precocious songwriting, compelling, sultry vocals and melodies will surely make an impression at Eurosonic. Already a big name in Belgium, the young winner of European Border Breakers Awards 2018 is currently working on her debut album to be released at the end of 2019.

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[Electronic / Live]
THU 16 Jan
Huize Maas, Main
01:15 – 02:00

Diego Cortez Salas (aka DC Salas) is a Belgian DJ and producer with Peruvian origins. As a teen he became a fan of electronic music and quickly finds himself behind the decks of legendary Brussels clubs. In 2012 he started to co-run Marseille-based Biologic Records, where his first album came out in 2017. In 2019, DC returns with three EP’s (on Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant and Eclair Fifi’s River Rapid labels) and a new solo live act.

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THU 16 Jan
22:50 – 23:35

Tanaë is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Belgium who is influenced by Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse and artists of her own generation like Jorja Smith, Billie Ellish and Sevdaliza. She released debut EP Introspection in early 2018. Just a year later she presented her first album Talking to Myself during ‘Les Nuits’ in the famous Botanique. After playing several Belgian festivals it’s time to open up to new horizons.

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FRI 17 Jan
Der AA-Theater
00:20 – 01:05

With a mix of brass, synths and some intense beats, the Liège quartet known as The Brums want their public to dance. Completely eschewing loops, everything is performed live with each musician tackling multiple instruments to deliver an expansive and dynamic sound world. The result? A techno-infused, beat-driven, rollicking good time, playing out very well on their debut EP as well.

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Julien Fournier (director) and Alex Tabankia (Rock/Pop/Hip-Hop/Electro) will be there. Get in touch with them!