ESNS 2019

JANUARY 16th – 19th 2018


8 Belgian bands will be at ESNS 2019. WBM will be there with 5 professionals from Wallonia & Brussels:
Laetitia Van Hove (FiftyFifty)
Marc Smeesters (Intersection)
Audrey Di Troia (Full Colorz Agency)
Julie Poncelet (Scènégal Ethic)
Anthony Sinatra (JauneOrange)


Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques, Flanders Arts Institute & Sabam For Culture team up again to support a ton of upcoming Belgian acts. Join us for our networking reception with Belgian craft beers on Friday at 17:00 (Het Pakhuis).

Sonnfjord is vocalist and composer Maria Laetitia Mattern, accompanied by her brother Aurel and childhood friend François. ML’s sensual voice, her sense of melody and hooks make for highly danceable rhythms, and hits like Lights, Dust and Shapes and Fresh Heart. First EP City Lights was praised as an energetic mixture of folk and pop ‘with clear influences of Fleet Foxes, Villagers and Joan Baez’ (Focus Knack).

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From Portugal to Brussels, passing through Antwerp, Blu Samu has already lived several lives. Somewhere in between poet and urban samurai, she tells her story through an intuitive mix of hip hop and soul, using her hoarse voice to express her love of words. In 2018 she released her debut EP Moka and Blu Samu quickly became the new sensation of the Belgian hip hop scene.

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[Jazz / Electronic]
FRI 18 Jan
Doopsgezinde Kerk
00:15 – 00:55

Belgium-based instrumental duo Glass Museum are pianist Antoine Flipo and drummer Martin Grégoire. Influenced by modern jazz artists such as Gogo Penguin, BadBadNotGood or Floating Points, they build dynamic, lyrical and wistful music, bringing the listener to a fragile universe where piano and drums collide in a burst of energy and electronic vibes. After forty gigs during 2016 and 2017 both inside and outside Belgium, the band released its first EP Deux in May 2018 on the label Jaune Orange/[PIAS].

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Juicy is Julie Rens and Sasha Vovk, an all-girl (power) duo from Belgium ready to take the world by storm with their nostalgia infused blend of retro-futuristic R&B. Just check out the seductive Cast A Spell EP. Their intoxicating, and highly humorous live shows steadily built into a hype that raced through France and Belgium, and now they’re here.

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Phoenician Drive is a six-piece band from Brussels formed by Chilean percussionist Diego Moscoso, who has brought together musicians from very different backgrounds with the intention of making drums and distorted guitars join with oud, rek and other Eastern percussion instruments. In the footsteps of East-West musical blendings from the 70s like Erkin Koray or Orient Express, and under the influence of the German kraut-rock scene (Neu!, Can, Faust) and the 60s soundtrack composers, Phoenician Drive is looking for the hypnotic trance based on distorted oriental grooves.

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Marc Melià is a Majorca born composer and musician who currently lives in Brussels. For the last ten years he has been composing, producing and playing music in several bands including the pan-european trio Lonely Drifter Karen, with whom he released three albums on Crammed Discs. When performing he uses a Prophet 08 synthesizer, his voice filtered through a vocoder, alongside a limited palette of effects. Marc Melià breaks the usual rules of electronic music: what you see is what you hear.

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YellowStraps is a trio that was originally created by Belgian brothers Alban and Yvan Murenzi. Joined by drummer and composer Raph Stark, this team of young dreamers have always been able to conjure up a unique sound that mixes jazz, soul, hip hop and electronics. They featured on the now classic Morale album by Roméo Elvis, and in 2018 they released the Blame EP on Casual Majestic Records.

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FRI 18 Jan
23:00 – 23:40

At a young age Esinam Dogbatse from Brussels became fascinated by percussion instruments like the ‘tama’ as well as the piano, but eventually opted for the flute. Her compositions carry traces from different worlds, geographically, culturally and musically. On stage she tries to preserve as much freedom as possible, by defining as little as possible in advance. As a flutist, she plays with bands like Marock’in Brass, Kel Assouf, Témé Tan and Sysmo. Melanie De Biasio and Selah Sue love her unique musical universe and asked her to support them at their sold-out shows.

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Julien Fournier (director – Rock/Pop/Hip-Hop/Electro) will be there. Get in touch with him!