ADE – Amsterdam Dance Event – 2018

In 2018, De Brakke Grond (Flemish culture house in Amsterdam) will again be at the heart of the Amsterdam Dance Event festival. It will be a perfect occasion for drawing the attention of dance-loving Netherlands (and the world) on Flanders and, by extension, on the rest of Belgium. Last year, Poppunt and De Brakke Grond already joined forces with the biggest club festival in the world. This year, our team has been extended to Sabam For Culture, Kunstenpunt and Wallonie-Bruxelles Musique.

De Brakke Grond
— Friday evening 19 October6pm
Real Belgian fries, beef stew and beers guaranteed!
In cooperation with Poppunt, Sabam For Culture, Kunstenpunt and Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques.

As from Wednesday 17 until Sunday 21 October, Amsterdam will be dedicated, within the framework of Amsterdam Dance Event and for the 23rd time, to electronic music with performances in clubs, on stages, in cellars and on roofs throughout the city. As Festival Hang-out of ADE 2018, De Brakke Grond is located at the heart of the showcase festival, which is an unmissable opportunity for setting our artists on the map. We will do this not only during the ADE Sound Lab in De Brakke Grond itself, but we will also get outside and look for other interesting locations for our artists.
Due to the arrival of new players in our team, the focus will lie this year on Brussels, a capital city with an exciting and diverse nightlife, which however may seem impenetrable for the outside world. Brussels By Night will bring during one week stars of Brussels’s dance stage like Haring, Liyo (HE4RTBROKEN), Ssaliva, Simon Hold, Golin and Weird Dust to Amsterdam. Artists who have all required skills for making an international career. Besides, Koen Galle will host during the ADE Soundlab a panel discussion over Brussels’ nightlife at De Brakke Grond. This is a next step in our long-term cooperation with the internationally renowned festival.

Finally, De Brakke Grond will be opening its doors on Friday evening 19 October at 6pm, in cooperation with Poppunt, Sabam For Culture, Kunstenpunt and Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques, to the Belgian and international sector. Real Belgian fries, beef stew and beers guaranteed!

ADE Sound Lab will settle again at De Brakke Grond and will hence be the place where audacious producers and DJ’s can drown into sound and tech. Sound Lab has already been for four years the most exciting part of the showcase festival, with masterclasses, modular synths, demo pitches and music talks with celebrities such as the Soulwax brothers, Tiga and Philip Glass. This year, ADE will be welcoming a.o. Bonobo. It seems to us that our Brussels’ artists will be in good company!


Starting off his carreer, Antoine Pasqualini played pop music in France. After breaking up with old compositions, habits and traditional instruments, he fell into modular synthesis, drone and ambient. But as Monolithe Noir, he always kept the drum parts and melodies from his past close to his ear. He’s released his first two EP’s with Berlin based KODX, and welcomed his first LP Le Son Grave in 2017.

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Ssaliva will present his ascending and haunting electronic passages.

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DJ, professional tear dryer and founder of HE4RTBROKEN – a progressive club night in Brussels, truly displaying how club music can be emotive and contain deep personal meaning.

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Haring is a belgian musician and producer of electronic music based in Brussels. His music is a combination of house, electronica and downtempo. His sounds are inspired by his travels and encounters, which he translates into music during long evenings and nights searching for the perfect sounds. Haring has recently released his debut album ‘In Spaces’ on his own label City Tracks.

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Rin Suemi, alias Golin, is a singer, producer, classically trained pianist and performance artist born in Tagawa, Japan.

An alumni of California Institute of the Arts, her performances are ridden with improvisation, carrying a strong and visceral focus on the body and its possible movements, as well as containing an instant spontaneity that turns her shows into perpetually surprising cinematic experiences.

Through her inspiration in folkloric fairy tales and fragmented memories, a variety of layered voices and samples transform her songs into dreamy fantasia.
Golin recently released her debut EP ‘Momo’ on 12” vinyl through Belgian label Midlife Music, and is currently the associated artist of Brussels cultural house Beursschouwburg.
As a performer she has worked with artists such as Yoshiko Waki, Ula Sickle and Donna Huanca.
Furthermore she composed the soundscape of Helena Dietrich’s installation ‘Elastic Habitat’ that premiered at STUK in Leuven for last November’s Playground festival.

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Weird Dust started out as a discreet player in the Belgian noise scene, exploring not only sonic but above all melodic and rhytmical possibilities of analog and digital equipment. His music is reminiscent of John Carpenter’s classic synth scores, mixed with a heavy cosmic music vibe, with nods of techno, house and synthesizer funk. He saw his first two cassettes released through KERM Records and is also known as half of psychedelic trance duo Tav Exotic. Expect a diamond in the rough waiting to be discovered, with a live performance revolving around loose structures and improvisation.

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Simon Halsberghe lives and works in Brussels, the capital of Belgium as well as the centre of Europe. Living in such a culturally diverse place has its distinct influence on Simon Halsberghe. This results in a diverse practice with a broad scope while maintaining a singular and personal sound. He has composed music for theatre. He has won an award for best Original Soundtrack with the music for the animated short ‘Kitten Instinct’ by Liesbet Eeckman at the film festival of Angers, France. Simon Halsberghe also works as a music consultant for fashion brands, his clients include Gianni Versace and Christopher Kane. Next to the more traditional function of ‘DJ’ for these gigs he sometimes makes bespoke music for these fashion collections too. Previously Simon Halsberghe has released music as Pitch & Hold (on Love Triangle Music), Simon Hold (on VLEK) and HABERGEON (on Gentle Tapes).

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Soumaya Phéline a.k.a. Soumaya DanceMachine has been bringing a breath of fresh air to Belgium since 2006.
Performing all over Europe for major music, fashion and art events in clubs like Fuse in Brussels, La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris, the Brussels Electronic Music Festival, Feel Festival, About:Blank & Tresor in Berlin…
She’s always on the edge, combining feminity and a keen sense of groove and energy.
Known for her unique style and fancy footwork ranging from House to Techno, she handles a dance floor like no one else, with warm basslines and mesmerizing melodies until the early dawn.
Phéline is the founder of High Needs Low, Holy Something, Cry Me A Sea parties in Brussels.

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26 years old from Luxembourg living between Berlin and Brussels and making spaced out dance music for your mind and body.

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But also Lawrence Le DouxAliA, DJ Vega, Kiosk Radio, Kong & Gratts, Rey Colino, Slagwerk, Victor De Roo.

Julien Fournier (director – Rock/Pop/Hip-Hop/Electro) will be there. Get in touch with him!